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TWO Tulsa area Clinic Locations

North Tulsa Clinic 36th Street North

South Tulsa Clinic Bixby

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7:30 am - 5:00 pm

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One female dog and
one male dog

and their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies
in six years.

That's right...1 + 1 = 67,000

Thank you for bringing your pet to Spay Oklahoma for surgery!

You are preventing unwanted puppy or kitten births and potential animal suffering.

Your pet will live longer, with a lower risk of developing serious health problems.

And, the quality of life for everyone in our community is better!

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We will confirm the appointment day with you after we receive your appointment form (above).

Maps and directions to each of our two clinics are on the Locations page.

We are open Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at both clinics. 

Instructions to follow for your pet the day before surgery (such as withholding food/treats from midnight the night before) can be found on the pet care page FAQ section.

Additionally, instructions for care following surgery will be provided to you, along with phone numbers for questions that may arise after your pet is home.

Please bring your pet to the clinic by 9 a.m. and plan to pick up the same day before 5 p.m.

Payment is required at check-in by cash, Mastercard or Visa.

Cancellation Policy
We request 24 hours notice by email or phone message to reschedule or cancel an appointment.  If you are changing your appointment due to unexpected financial problems, please ask us about alternatives.

Adult Cat $35 (includes a rabies shot and a pain injection)
Kitten $25 (5 months old & younger and a pain injection)
Adult Dogs $45 (includes a rabies shot and a pain injection)
Puppy $35 (5 months & younger and a pain injection)

Additional one-time services
at time of surgery

Vaccinations for adult and young dogs and cats
Dogs – vaccinations, $10 each
Cats – vaccinations, $10 each
Puppies – vaccinations, $10 each
Kittens – vaccinations, $10 each
De-worming – $5 each
Toe nails trimmed at no charge


Moms and Litters are special! Here’s a bundled discount deal!

Uh oh, you have a momma dog or cat and her babies! What to do? Litter “season” is now year-around, so we’re helping curb the spiraling numbers of unwanted births with our special package discount deal for momma dogs or cats and their babies.

Dogs - Mom dog and her puppies
$100 total cost for Mom dog and UP TO 5 of her puppies 

Cats - Mom cat and her kittens
$80 total cost for Mom cat and UP TO 5 of her kittens

All additional puppies are $35 each. All additional kittens are $25 each.

You can’t afford to NOT spay and neuter! It prevents thousands more unwanted litters when the babies leave your care. Please be responsible. We’re here to help you

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